Our Community


Welcome to a great place to call home.

Welcome to your new community of friends. I promise YOU, we are one of a kind!

Retirement is when you can really start to enjoy everything life has to offer, and our community is the perfect place to do this.

A community where you can live your best life without the stress of daily living while continuing to maintain your standards and know you have a voice. As a boutique retirement residence, we’re a close-knit community where you’ll make friends and share laughs. Whether you’re giggling over a game of cards or chatting with your favourite staff member, you’ll find friends to share mutual interests and common experiences.

Our Life Enrichment Team offers a ton of activities, featuring different events daily . From early morning to late evening, there’s always something fun to do if YOU want it. All that leads to a happier and healthier life.

We’d love to have you join us.

Welcome to a great place to call home
Ed Staples, Gerry O'Dowd and George Borg

At Scarborough Retirement Residence, It’s always YOUR choice!

So much within walking distance.

An important part of continuing to live an independent yet fulfilling, active life is your ability to get around. We’re at the corner of Markham Road and Markanna Drive in Scarborough, just steps away from the Scarborough Village Seniors' Centre, several churches, banks shops, convenience stores, and public transit stops.

You will always have convenient and easy access to everything they need, including:

  • Churches
  • Parks
  • Community
  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Public Transits

Our rich pedigree of care.

We’ve been a family-run operation since 1959. Our president, Marie-Josee Lafontaine, began ‘working’ in the retirement residence her parents owned when she was just five years old.

Marie-Josee and her husband Harold are the second generation of Lafontaines to devote themselves to helping seniors. Marie-Josee’s parents obtained the very first license from the Ontario government for long-term care when they opened the Community Lifecare residence in Rougebank, Durham County.

It’s this sense of ‘family’ that sets Scarborough Retirement Residence apart from others. We’re a community, a family, a feeling. 30 years later – this feeling, continues to be deep rooted and evident in our mission, vision and values. You see, it’s been our experience that being at home is something you feel. And thanks to the Lafontaines, we have that magic feeling. Walk through our doors, you will feel it too.

Welcome to a great place to call home
Harold Green, Marie-Josee Lafontaine, Marie-Paula Lafontaine and Fred Lafontaine

For Marie-Josee, caring for seniors is a calling.

Marie Josee
Marie-Josee Lafontaine

Marie-Josee Lafontaine began ‘working’ in the retirement residence that her parents owned when she was just five years old. She made crafts with the residents. She’d listen to their stories and dance at Christmas recitals. She was everyone’s favourite granddaughter. Her passion in the senior industry continues today, inspiring a resident first culture and advocating the best possible care for our seniors.

Our Team

We are like a family – and our team is the core of this family. Every employee has been hand picked and has a shown a passion for seniors. Every resident is like a grandparent and those family values are present each and every day! Our team knows the value and the difference a genuine smile, warm hug can make in someone’s day.

Our Team
Staff Sharon Andrews, Resident Roberta Allan and Staff Alice Galang

Our Residents

Our residents, they are our inspiration, their years and experience have much to teach us. As such, we have many committees: a very active Resident Council, Family Council, Dining Committee and Life Enrichment Committee. Together, these committees are a voice for our residents, offering us their feedback. Our residents are supportive of each other, welcoming new residents and fostering relationships. Giving a each other a helping hand or meeting on a weekly basis to play cards or even go for walks. They even offer advice to our team, all we have to do is ask! We are lucky they choose SRR as their new home.

Our Residents
Sisters Patricia Archer and Lenore Moore

The best way to get to know more about us, come by for a visit. We would love to have you over for a meal.